Make Maintenance a Routine

professional photography websitesFor professional photography websites to last long and maintain its traffic without maintenance is impossible. It is like driving your car without checking for the wheels, suspensions and everything for years and still hoping for it to just be ok for maybe the next couple of years or decades.

Maintenance is a chore. No matter how people put it, how nicely sites tell you that maintenance can be easy and fun, that is just sugar-coating the fact. Maintaining sites are never an easy chose, especially with the loop holes here and there and no defined laws or regulations in the internet.

But, maintenance is a must. Like it or not, you have to do it. So without pouring honey, we will be discussing the kind of maintenance you should do and things to watch when doing them.

Backup, backup, backup

Nothing is more important than backing up your sites, files and everything, unless you are about to scrap everything from scratch. Photographers that do not wish to lose their professional photography websites will do this frequently even when not doing maintenance for the sake of safety. There are plugins and manual methods to do this, which you can explore outside wordpress.

Maintenance page

When you are updating your plugins, page, or adding more stuffs into your site, do make sure to provide a static maintenance page for your visitors. There are multiple plugins available to do this, or you can do it manually.

If you don’t do this, your visitor will crash when loading your page or seeing “things”; not ghosts, but stuffs like half updated content, glitches and all those negative experience with your site.

Easy stuffs to maintain

Getting into all the technical terms will drive you nuts; there are databases, trashcan for the trashcans you have, records you never saved among many others. But there are some that you can still help to do yourself without having to learn much.

Comments moderation

Admit it, there are some of us who were too late in moderating comments that result in spamming. Spamming hurts our sites because Google sees it as something unhealthy for the internet. It drops your ranking on the search engine.

There are several ways to handle this:

  • Delete all. There are plugins available that serve this purpose. Deleting all comments will sort of refresh all the comment sections on your post.
  • Disable comment. You will never receive feedback and spamming on your posts, which can be useful or degenerative to you, so think about it.

After the cleanup, it is time to prevent more dust from piling up; you will need a filter. WordPress plugins have some popular ones that serve this purpose well and it will save you the hassle from spam comments.


If you have run your site for a long time, you will know that your photos need moderating. Professional photography websites will not have too many photos of the past piling up in their portfolio. Generation changes as trend, style and people change. Especially if you are actively posting articles and photos, you will want to cut your server some slack.