Gorgeous Wild Wedding Flowers Formula

wild wedding flowersSpring is coming. That means blooming flowers and beautiful range of colors to mix and match of wild wedding flowers for wedding bouquets! Florists love this season so much because it gives them a lot of choices to play within letting their creativity come true.

That is also a good thing for you! If you’re planning to get married on Spring, rejoice as you will have so many choices to start with! Come and take a look at some of the best flowers you should use for your wedding bouquets and buttonholes!


The centerpiece is that one flower that takes the center of the stage. The look will make people stare at the beauty of the big piece of flower and the rest of the flowers that just add up to complete the masterpiece. Centerpiece tends to be a giant flower that really stands alone. The typical choice that florists love to use is ranunculus, magnolia, and peonies.

These flowers can be powerful along and you have to find other flowers that will fit their size. If you don’t want to risk it, find centerpieces with mild colors. That’ll be easier to mix and will also make you appear milder and softer.


Buttonholes will be worn by the guys and most of the time, they stand against the dark formal suit. That means you have to find flowers that fit in with your theme but will also stand out and appear luxurious to the guys that wear it.

We’ve come across a lot of ideas. Many of them look cute, yes, but we don’t know if your brothers will appreciate them (and the groomsmen!). If you like mild colors, baby’s breath looks nice enough. Just remember not to use too many because they smell! Quote to this amazing florist on wild wedding flowers, www.briarroseflowers.co.uk.

It’s always better to cut the stem short enough and have the flowers bend over so people can look at the bloom. If that’s hard, you want to cut all the stems and only use the bloom by putting a pin under it. On the other hand, small flowers like baby’s breath can be combined with small leafage to be pinned on the suit. Just remember to not make it too big.

Wedding bouquets shapes and ideas

In the olden days, we used to make wedding bouquets that are ‘neat’. Meaning, the colors have to conform to each other (white with white) and long stems and branches have to be cut off. Well, that’s the olden days.

These days, the most beautiful looking bouquet looks ‘unattended’ to. Meaning they emit the sense of wild wedding flowers as if they were plucked fresh from the field. Which they most probably are. This preserves the natural beauty they bear. With that in mind, it’s okay to create a wild looking bouquet, but also pay attention to the stem and how you will hold to the bouquet later on.

The recent trend is also to use daring colors, such as magenta and dark red (like roses) against plain colors like white. It enhances the beauty of those dark colors and purity of the plain colors.