What Does Your Wedding Need?

wedding photographers SurreyWhat do you most need for your wedding photography package? In order to appeal to the market, wedding photographers Surrey are racing with each other in becoming better and different. Because many clients don’t actually have the necessary knowledge to determine the skills of photographers, they have to do something else.

Nowadays, you’ll see them including things like a slideshow session, additional hours and mini albums for parents aside from the main photography package you get. But for many people, those additional features aren’t always useful.

Photographers and hours of coverage

A single photographer can do a lot, but two photographers are always better. As useless as you might think that is, a second shooter can always add up value to your wedding pictures. What’s really important here is how you perceive that value.

Most of the time, the role of the second shooter is to fill in the holes that the main photographer can’t reach. It might be during the formal group pictures session where the lead photographer has to spend an hour on or when the venue is quite big for a single person to take pictures of. The two choices you can get is: have a full-day single shooter or two shooters for 4-5 hours of the day.

If your priority is documentation, then the first choice is better. If you want really a lot of pictures on an event that you deem important (reception or ceremony), the latter would be a better choice.

Album(s), books, or online gallery

Wedding photographers Surrey, like www.captivephoto.co.uk, provide all kind of services for end products of their wedding photography package.

With the help of the Internet, nowadays, it isn’t complicated to get all of your images through an online gallery. Professional photographers set up a website that includes a ‘customer gallery’ where you can log in and find all your pictures there. You can share the login information to family members to enjoy.

It makes the consideration to print or not even harder to make. Wedding albums and books used to bear a lot of meaning to wedding parties; you don’t exactly have other choices to keep those memories for a long time. But now, it’s very simple that the thought is very tempting. However, do remember that the meaning of an album does not dissipate just because you can access your pictures online.

The chances of you going to the website to look at those pictures when you feel nostalgic are small. You can touch the pictures and somehow you feel like you can’t feel the picture.

Slideshow session, additional hours

There are added ‘bonus’ that many photographers include in the packages especially the ones that cost more than $1,000. However, they aren’t really necessary for you. While they sure are nice bonuses to have, you don’t exactly need the pictures to your Bridal Shower if you’ll be taking another girl’s squad picture during your wedding.

The same goes for the rest. Some even bundle wedding photography package with engagement photography session. Engagement photography sure is a nice session to keep some memories of the feelings that you had when you were proposed to/propose. However, it looks like a normal couple shoot in nice places.

You can always negotiate with your wedding photographers Surrey about the features that you want to be removed.