How to Succeed on Your First Day as A Wedding Photographer?

San Francisco wedding photographerFirst day at work? Most people are nervous about their first day working, not knowing what to expect. Although they might have prepared themselves, they might still be nervous about it. As a San Francisco wedding photographer, however, you are probably nervous about a lot of things.

You’re responsible for everything regarding the wedding pictures of your clients. That’s huge; your clients ultimately don’t want to be disappointed even in the least because you have no other ways to fix your mistakes. The best step to take is to prevent any from happening.

Be extra careful

On your first job, always be that person that is extra careful about everything else. Being effective and efficient is important but making mistakes on your first job is even more dangerous than anything else. If anything, that’s going to be a very strong impression on you. Your first client can only tell others that you did something and that’s the only thing that will go around about you.

Get extra equipment

If you’re still not sure about getting an extra camera, that’s okay. The camera that you have right now, I’d like to assume that it’s quite new and has little chance of going error. However, you can stock up more on batteries, memory cards, and lenses. Use both zoom and prime lenses because they will both play their own role in the party.

Know what you will take

In photography, improvisation and on-the-spot ideas are often the ones that appear best. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare some poses ahead of time. A San Francisco wedding photographer is best to get some inspiration from pros like This strictly does not mean you should copy them. Inspiration can be from anywhere, but this way you can see what usually works for the certain type of venues and couples.

Plan them and discuss them with your clients. If you can attend their rehearsal, it would be so much better. Ask them to test shoot several poses you have in mind that you’re not sure about. Once you get the results, you can assess whether you can keep it or just change it.

Arrive earlier

Arriving early will give you a head start to prepare and rehearse one more time. You can take a quick tour around the venue or have a quick chat with the couple regarding what you guys will doing on that day. You can also take some pictures before the ceremony starts to save time and give them more pictures.

You can also review the itinerary and think about how to shoot and where you should stand when this or that happens. Discuss with the officiant about whether you’re allowed to take pictures during the ceremony and if it’s a no, talk with your clients about what you should do about it.

Get an insurance!

If you haven’t gotten a full insurance, look up for a one-day insurance. It usually provides the basic protection for a San Francisco wedding photographer for a whole day. You will need this to make sure that not any kind of problems, especially when you’re still a beginner, will pose a threat to your job.