Newborn Photography Newbie Guide

newborn photographyIf this is your first time taking on a job of newborn photography, you have a lot to catch up. Your first client is most probably still pregnant and you are waiting for the due date to come. It’s pretty normal that parents usually book newborn photographers a few months ahead, so they don’t have to rush after they have the baby.

It’s a pretty narrow window of time you have once the baby is out. You have about less than 2 weeks to decide on the date for the photography. But that’s fine, nothing to worry or hurry about if you have everything planned out properly.

Let the parents know

If your client has never had a newborn photography session before, make sure to inform them of what you plan to do. For example, how photography is scheduled and how many days before and after the predicted due date is the time range. Let them know about how you work with babies and what they may need to bring and what they need to prepare for themselves and the baby.

Most parents want to be included in their newborn pictures and that’s great! Inform the parents that they should wear comfortably and neatly for the session, but nothing too fancy or shiny!

Get the set prepared

For lifestyle session, you can scout the location first before the due date and make sure you know where or how you want to shoot there. You tell the parents which room you want to use and if there are adjustments they should make to make it look better. Most importantly, you want those rooms to have enough natural light and space for you to take pictures.

For newborn photography session in studios, Sue Kennedy, a professional newborn photographer, points out the necessity to warm up the room before the session begins. Make sure the room is warm and comfortable for the baby. Then you need the props clean and arranged in the order you plan to use them. This makes the whole process smooth.

Plan what you want to do

Unlike other photography sessions, with newborn babies, you want them sleeping and staying calm throughout the session. This demands a quiet and calm environment to work in. Some photographers hush regularly while others remain focused on their job by playing a white noise on the background.

You also want to try warming up the blankets before usage so the babies are not surprised when in contact with cold surfaces. It’s best that you don’t carry the baby suddenly but begin by lifting up the head together with the baby and have someone help you switch the prop (preferably an assistant). You can also ask the parent’s help to carry the baby.

Be confident!

It’s your day to take some great portfolios. Feeling nervous is normal, but don’t let that get to you and focus on the fact that you can do well on this. If you have planned properly for the day, you don’t need to have doubts about the results of the pictures. Parents will also trust in you more if you are confident in your act.