4 Basic Steps to Starting Event Photography

event photographyThe starting steps to become professional in event photography are always the hardest to overcome. You have to accept a lot of jobs that you don’t think will do much good for your portfolios. At the same time, you also have to make sure that you are only taking up jobs that you can handle. Because most clients don’t know much on the different specialties of event photographers.

So, here are the 4 basic things you need to do. This makes sure that you have a clear path and goal in mind, not just wildly taking up any photography jobs and end up as a photographer that is not special in anything.

1.Take up even the smallest event

Whatever it is, your first job does not have to be taking pictures in an impressive event. It can be a small house party or a relative’s birthday, but the most important thing is to make the most out of it. This is your first step towards exploring your event photography career and the pictures here will be your portfolios.

You don’t expect big events to come to you, but you make the best out of everyone who hires you.

2. Pay attention

When you are hired as a photographer, make sure that you know what the event is about. There is usually a main event in the party and sometimes, special guests. You want your clients to tell you everything you need to know about the event, so you can prepare yourself to take pictures of them.

Ask to be given an itinerary of the event if it exists. If it doesn’t, you should arrive early so you can be briefed on how the event will go on. You need to remember who the key figures are and take enough pictures of them, especially when they are involved in the event.

3. Learning from the best

It’s also a good thing to learn from professional photographers like www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com to know what it’s like to provide a professional event photography service. Make the best out of your chances to meet them!

Having experiences in event photography will also make people trust you more. A firsthand experience is nothing like education; it makes you see what it’s actually like to be directly involved. It won’t just be your head, but your body as well that learns where to go and what to do.

4.Be bold and respectful

You want to take the best pictures, but you shouldn’t be too bold that you are disrupting the guests. For example, you shouldn’t be blocking the line of view of the important guests. Plan your movements and install your equipment from places that won’t be a nuisance. Consult with your clients on this to make sure you install them in the right place.

During the event, you need to note the places of the key figures even when it’s dark. Remember where they are and consider the fact if you should use your flash or not. Using a flash diffuser is a good thing as well, but if it’s too dark and using a flash is deemed impossible, there are times when you should wait.

Remember these 4 steps and you won’t stray far during your event photography career.

First Job for Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioHow do you plan your first portrait session? You must be so nervous thinking about what you need to do in order to make sure that it’s a smooth session for you and your client.

Some people need to have their portraits done right away while others are okay with planning for next appointment first. If you are still a beginner, make sure to plan things with your clients so you have time to practice. Then, move on to the next step.

1. Get to know the client

Whatever you do, it’s important that you learn to establish a good relationship with your clients. Chat with them, get to know them, ask them why they need a portrait done. Most people are happy to talk about it as they know it will help the photographer know what to do. Different purposes also have different ways of taking portrait pictures.

The more you guys have talked, the easier it will be to direct them and get them used to the whole photography session. It helps reduces the tension and allow them to relax as well as smile naturally for the picture. In the end, it helps you in capturing the best portraits of your client without having to force them.

2. Get the right expression

It’s important to learn to direct your clients and help them show the expression that you want. Keep the session enjoyable where your clients that freely express themselves, making them look naturally confident. Next is to always check what kind of vibe does the client wants to look like in the picture. For example, they want to look sophisticated and smart in the picture.

We want you to check a portrait photography studio by Chris Scott Photography. There, you can see some portrait pictures of various expressions. From professional look to an enthusiastic look, the photographer nailed them all and we get a really positive vibe from the people in those pictures.

3. Give them consultation

In a portrait photography studio the business  works on both new and returning clients. However, it is hard to get clients to return without a good reason for them to. One way to do that is to help them understand why a new portrait is necessary. For people looking for a job, a portrait picture has to be renewed after at least 3 years especially if their face undergoes changes.

If it is possible, give them an incentive for coming back or referring to a friend to you. Many people complain about how portraits and headshot pictures tend to cost too much. They do not feel it’s necessary if they can take great pictures from their own phone.

4. Keep practicing

The trend to the best portrait technique is different from time to time. People in the past think that not smiling to the pictures make you look professional. But these days, we like people to look honest and confident in their pictures. It makes them look reliable. How people will think in a few years to come might be different from today.

You need to adapt to the latest changes and requests of the clients. Get the necessary equipment for your portrait photography studio for it.

Gorgeous Wild Wedding Flowers Formula

wild wedding flowersSpring is coming. That means blooming flowers and beautiful range of colors to mix and match of wild wedding flowers for wedding bouquets! Florists love this season so much because it gives them a lot of choices to play within letting their creativity come true.

That is also a good thing for you! If you’re planning to get married on Spring, rejoice as you will have so many choices to start with! Come and take a look at some of the best flowers you should use for your wedding bouquets and buttonholes!


The centerpiece is that one flower that takes the center of the stage. The look will make people stare at the beauty of the big piece of flower and the rest of the flowers that just add up to complete the masterpiece. Centerpiece tends to be a giant flower that really stands alone. The typical choice that florists love to use is ranunculus, magnolia, and peonies.

These flowers can be powerful along and you have to find other flowers that will fit their size. If you don’t want to risk it, find centerpieces with mild colors. That’ll be easier to mix and will also make you appear milder and softer.


Buttonholes will be worn by the guys and most of the time, they stand against the dark formal suit. That means you have to find flowers that fit in with your theme but will also stand out and appear luxurious to the guys that wear it.

We’ve come across a lot of ideas. Many of them look cute, yes, but we don’t know if your brothers will appreciate them (and the groomsmen!). If you like mild colors, baby’s breath looks nice enough. Just remember not to use too many because they smell! Quote to this amazing florist on wild wedding flowers, www.briarroseflowers.co.uk.

It’s always better to cut the stem short enough and have the flowers bend over so people can look at the bloom. If that’s hard, you want to cut all the stems and only use the bloom by putting a pin under it. On the other hand, small flowers like baby’s breath can be combined with small leafage to be pinned on the suit. Just remember to not make it too big.

Wedding bouquets shapes and ideas

In the olden days, we used to make wedding bouquets that are ‘neat’. Meaning, the colors have to conform to each other (white with white) and long stems and branches have to be cut off. Well, that’s the olden days.

These days, the most beautiful looking bouquet looks ‘unattended’ to. Meaning they emit the sense of wild wedding flowers as if they were plucked fresh from the field. Which they most probably are. This preserves the natural beauty they bear. With that in mind, it’s okay to create a wild looking bouquet, but also pay attention to the stem and how you will hold to the bouquet later on.

The recent trend is also to use daring colors, such as magenta and dark red (like roses) against plain colors like white. It enhances the beauty of those dark colors and purity of the plain colors.

Rain Photography: Get Wet, Get Playful!

rain photographyRain, the biggest horror of Melbourne wedding photography session. The beautiful view, the clear sky, all gone. It’s seemingly impossible to do anything in this weather, with the bride in her wedding dress and trying to keep it dry.

Well, well, if that’s how you feel, then it’s probably time to change that mindset! Rain is just another chance to hit it right! It gives a ton of ideas to try and use to capture unique images for your couple.

Shoot from indoor

There’s a difference between shooting indoor and shooting outside from indoor. Make sure to get a view of the outside from a window or a door from the inside. Rain gives off a romantic feel to this, as well as warmth when the couple is hugging or cuddling. It falls to how people percept the picture, not how the actual feel is on the set.

You can also save your time to shoot everything indoor first while you wait for the rain to cool down.

Step outside!

That’s right, step outside. Rain is not going to kill you. Have you forgotten how much your mother ranted because you went outside to play in the rain? Such playful mood is achievable with rain, especially on venues with beautiful, green backdrop and a bright weather. Just two kids racing with each other under the rain.

Or maybe you can kick it up a notch? There’s a small peck, a hot kiss, and a hot kiss under the rain. If the bride gets to choose, under the rain will probably something that heats her cheeks up. So, go for it!

On the other hand, for a more casual romantic style, you can get the groom to open his suit and cover the bride with it. Have them stand under a tree to keep less rain out of them both.

Use umbrellas

It’s always a wise thing to do to keep an umbrella before the rain comes. In the case of doing a Melbourne wedding photography session, keep a lot of umbrellas.

You should always have different types of umbrellas that do well with wedding themes, in your car. Keep the dust out of them, mind you. You never know when it will rain and when the theme is going to fit in with the umbrella’s colour.

Also important to remember that you can still shoot several pictures as usual: the little walk across the garden, the staring into each other moment, all while the both or one of them carrying the umbrella.

Play with light

If it’s especially dark, make use of flash and lighting kit to light the necessary parts of the subject and the background. Sometimes, you can leave the background completely dark and highlight on both of the couples. Other times, you can use more lighting kit to spread the light and make at least important feature of the background, like the tree or the décor to remain visible.

Black and white

The grayscale effect becomes very useful in this situation. To create that timeless moment under the rain, make use of black and white effect on pictures that focuses only on the couple with no much revelation of the background. This allows people to focus on only the subject and not be bothered by how many things are in the background.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Start here!

Raleigh newborn photographerShooting lifestyle for newborn photography has its own challenges. From unfamiliar clients to unfamiliar set, a lot of cooperation and impromptu creativity is needed. In photography no one should tell you the exact way of shooting; you need to create one yourself. Trial and error is among the commonly used methods professional Raleigh newborn photographer has used over the years, but there is a way to minimal the errors in trials if you pay attention to what they have to say.

Sooner or later, you need to do it

The best way to really seal what you have learned is to practice them into work. Unless you have no idea how it works, you should just do it, even if you haven’t learned the fanciest techniques or high skilled shots. Slowly, you’ll be able to master more and even create your own style and technique, but you need to do it first.

Lifestyle Tips

1.     Client’s home

By now you should realize that you will be taking pictures at somewhere you have never been before; the private space of your clients. There will a lot of differences in design and architecture and each time, you need to be prepared to shoot great pictures. Discuss with you clients where, which rooms and if you can have make a visit first beforehand. Getting used to the house will help you in deciding where and how you want to shoot the pictures.

Inform your clients to also do a quick cleanup to the rooms and house to save time.

2.     Look for lights

Instead of using artificial lights and flashes, find rooms with big windows and glass doors or walls. Natural lights enhance the innocence and produce more natural pictures. If the occasion of unwanted shadow comes, make use of reflectors instead of flash to lighten it up.

3.     Nursery Room

Head to the nursery room as your first destination. All parents love to have their babies’ nursery room captured as a documentary. As the child grows, the room changes and whatever remains are only memories and pictures. Prevent them from making forced expression to the camera; instead, have them focus of their baby and imagine all the incredible things they want to do for him/her. Afterward, you can explore the house and find rooms with food natural lightning to shoot more.

4.     Pets

Pets are great family members and they are often excited with the new arrival of a baby! It’s great to take pictures of pets around the baby within parental watch. A Raleigh newborn photographer should not forget to include them in the family group picture!

5.     Heater everywhere you go

Because you will be moving the newborn very often, make sure that the room is as comfortable as possible. Bring a heater with you everywhere and although it might be steaming hot for you, you need the baby to be sleeping deeply to shoot peacefully.

6.     Always ready to take candid pictures

Often, unplanned pictures become the best ones out of all. Look out for when dad is trying to calm the baby, when mom is changing her diaper or shushing her baby when trying to put her into position. All these are chances for you to snap easily forgettable, but precious and timeless pictures.

How To Feel Awesome During Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Embrace your inner sexy self.

boudoir photo shootIf you have a boudoir photoshoot to prepare for, then the first thing that you would have to work on is yourself. A niche photography type like this is a little risqué and can be a little bit more challenging than you would probably think and this is why you not only need to be prepared for it externally, you also need to be in the right mindset for it, more or less. If you aren’t totally and completely confident in looking and feeling sexy, then you should probably have a bit of a picker upper first. Go to the spa. Make yourself feel good. The better you feel about yourself, the better your photos will turn out overall. This is one thing that your photographer can’t really help you out with and something that you would have to consider seriously looking into one way or the other. Do something out of your usual routine that will help give you that extra boost of confidence while you are at it. Every little bit helps and every little bit of thing you do can make a difference to your overall state of mind. Keep that to heart and things will work out so much better for you in the long run.

Be confident in your clothing choices.

Even if you have all of the lingerie in the world but you don’t happen to be comfortable being in them, you can never really totally unmask your total potential in what you are trying to do or get done for the boudoir photoshoot. You will be in a much better place if you make sure that you go for clothes that make you comfortable in your own skin. It can be a large oversized white T shirt or something sexy like a slinky halfslip or something like that. All that matters is that you are comfortable in the clothing choices that you have been making so far. If you feel as if you need to lose a little more weight, then try eating healthier and try working out a little bit until you reach your desired goal. It all takes a little work but then again, it is bound to be well worth the effort that you are putting into it so far.

Manage your expectations.

You have to know what to expect out of the boudoir photo shoot in the first place. If you have the need to ask your photographer about this then by all means, go ahead and ask. Do everything that you possibly can to get things done and managed on your end. This way, you will be able to prepare better and you will be able to really figure things out ahead of time, making you make the most out of the photo session that you have paid for so far.

Go somewhere nice for the location.

You can book a hotel room. There is something about posh hotel rooms that always bring out the inner vixen in you and since you need to channel that, a hotel room will really turn out to be the best location option for a boudoir photo shoot venue at the end of the day.

Make Maintenance a Routine

professional photography websitesFor professional photography websites to last long and maintain its traffic without maintenance is impossible. It is like driving your car without checking for the wheels, suspensions and everything for years and still hoping for it to just be ok for maybe the next couple of years or decades.

Maintenance is a chore. No matter how people put it, how nicely sites tell you that maintenance can be easy and fun, that is just sugar-coating the fact. Maintaining sites are never an easy chose, especially with the loop holes here and there and no defined laws or regulations in the internet.

But, maintenance is a must. Like it or not, you have to do it. So without pouring honey, we will be discussing the kind of maintenance you should do and things to watch when doing them.

Backup, backup, backup

Nothing is more important than backing up your sites, files and everything, unless you are about to scrap everything from scratch. Photographers that do not wish to lose their professional photography websites will do this frequently even when not doing maintenance for the sake of safety. There are plugins and manual methods to do this, which you can explore outside wordpress.

Maintenance page

When you are updating your plugins, page, or adding more stuffs into your site, do make sure to provide a static maintenance page for your visitors. There are multiple plugins available to do this, or you can do it manually.

If you don’t do this, your visitor will crash when loading your page or seeing “things”; not ghosts, but stuffs like half updated content, glitches and all those negative experience with your site.

Easy stuffs to maintain

Getting into all the technical terms will drive you nuts; there are databases, trashcan for the trashcans you have, records you never saved among many others. But there are some that you can still help to do yourself without having to learn much.

Comments moderation

Admit it, there are some of us who were too late in moderating comments that result in spamming. Spamming hurts our sites because Google sees it as something unhealthy for the internet. It drops your ranking on the search engine.

There are several ways to handle this:

  • Delete all. There are plugins available that serve this purpose. Deleting all comments will sort of refresh all the comment sections on your post.
  • Disable comment. You will never receive feedback and spamming on your posts, which can be useful or degenerative to you, so think about it.

After the cleanup, it is time to prevent more dust from piling up; you will need a filter. WordPress plugins have some popular ones that serve this purpose well and it will save you the hassle from spam comments.


If you have run your site for a long time, you will know that your photos need moderating. Professional photography websites will not have too many photos of the past piling up in their portfolio. Generation changes as trend, style and people change. Especially if you are actively posting articles and photos, you will want to cut your server some slack.

4 Things to Look out for in a Newborn Photographer

newborn photographyOne of the most popular and rewarding subjects to photograph is a newborn. I mean who could resist their beautiful faces and adorable nature. It is often said that practically impossible to take a bad picture of a newborn. Most new parents are eager and delighted to capture these moments because the first year of a newborn is so fun-filled it passes by in a fleeting instant.

Calgary Newborn photography is in a league of its own; every new parent seeks to find out, and the results can create family treasures that excite for generations. If a photographer lacks the necessary experience, it might create unnecessary stress for you during the photo session and photo quality might be subpar.

4 tips on what to look out for in a new born photographer is discussed below

Safety during the photo shoot

It is essential to note that you will be entrusting your new born to this photographer hence it is critical to find someone who knows what they are doing. Make sure your new born photographer is vaccinated as new babies are unable to receive all their vaccinations so it is of imperative need that the photographer presents no risks to the baby’s health. It is also important to ensure the photographer is a first aid specialist, specifically an infant and baby first aid.

Specialist Equipment

Your New Born Photographer should have the correct equipment for creating beautiful pictures. usage of props in Calgary New Born Photography cannot be overemphasized as that is what majorly differentiate it from other forms of photography.   A baby posing beanbag will sure your new born is off the floor and safe and comfortable. Other specialist equipment needed could be Foam Wedges, Ankle Weights, pillows, a constant daylight lamp should you decide not to go natural will ensure the newborns aren’t startled by constant flashing lights

Specialist Knowledge

Your newborn photographer must inspire confidence in you. You must choose one who has been specially trained and is vastly experienced, you can make sure of this by viewing their past work. Some of the newborn poses that are sought after right now are dangerous to your baby if done incorrectly. Thus you need a photographer who is worth the money and can offer deep insights on the various posing techniques you might desire.

Creativity and Style

One unique feature of Calgary newborn photography are the unlimited ideas and the various creative sources to tap from. Your new born photographers work should precede them, they must have an established style and not just copying others and prove that they can produce amazing work constantly. A great way is to request a platform be it a website or social media page where you can view their previous work. If the new born photographer is regularly posting new work then you can rely on their creativity skills, Your photographer should have a business page and include impartial reviews that clients van make. Read through them and ensure the dates are recent. The photos on the page must be clear, sharp and of good focus, This aids your understanding of the styles to be employed. You should also inquire for the length of the new born session and variety of poses used, as sometimes how long a session takes tends to relate to the variety of poses employed during the new born photo shoot.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots Los Angeles

headshots Los AngelesGetting the best headshot photos requires skills and experience. The only way to get the best headshots Los Angeles is when you hire a professional. Headshots are becoming popular among businessmen and celebrities around the world today. In this article, I am going to let you know why you need professional headshots when in Los Angeles

  • A good headshot will portray a professional presence

An old saying goes like this “first impression matters a lot” First impression will determine how people will immediately pick up their mouse and click away from your website. It is important to note that they are lots of sites looking for clients to patronize them, because of this, you need your first impression to be a strong one.

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you don’t want a photo that you just scrap out from another photograph and I know you don’t want anyone who does have the skills to take headshots Los Angeles

  • A headshot is a photo you are going to use all over on the web

Of course, unless you are someone who doesn’t stay online all the time you may not know many places you can utilize your headshots. Also, it is important to note that you can use your headshot photos on your blog, website, and Facebook business page.

  • A professional will make you look good on your headshots

Do you know that even If you aren’t that too photogenic when you take pictures most times, a professional photographer will make you look beautiful? This is because of the skills that this professional has to take headshots. A professional can do fascinating things with his cameras, lighting, and his knowledge of computer. This is super fantastic!

His studio for headshots will amuse you. He has the necessary equipment to make you look good and he will never leave your headshots to have blemishes; he is going to give you the best headshots that you have always desired.

  • Everyone notice your look at first.

When people come and visit your website to patronize you, the first thing they will notice is your face and the way you look. Your looks may determine if they will patronize you or not. This is one reason to book a professional for you to connect to your potential clients.

It is necessary to note that expert photographers are trained to unleash the good personality in you and that is what they are paid to do. These experts have good knowledge about the best angles to take and the perfect effects that will make your headshots very appealing.

  • It will keep you track all the time.

Do you know that as women get much older their hair color change and their looks change? This makes them lose confident. Having headshots photos will make women keep track and make them more confident again.

I know I have convinced you at this point on why you need professional headshots Los Angeles. It is also important to note that a professional service will make sure you have the best advice on what to put and what you are not supposed to wear. Also, if you want more vital tips on headshot photography in Los Angeles, or probably you want to hire a professional service, then you need to hire Willie Diggs Productions.

Event Photography and Their Subjects

Hey! We are not invincible

I love a good event, it is one of the ways I wind down every weekend. Do you know why? Read this article to find out.

Time to connect. Be it weddings, award ceremonies, beauty pageants, comedy shows, birthdays, engageevent photographyments; you will find me there because it is a time to connect and I know even if they wouldn’t admit it; that photographers who are into event photography make a lot of money from it. If I calculate how much they make from me only, it will be close to a million bucks. Okay, I exaggerated there. But jokes apart they make money from it and I use the opportunity to establish connections, make business ties and promote my brand.

This is a challenge

Forget my playful self and let’s get serious. Event photography is actually challenging in every way possible and I must at least give credit to those photographers who put in so much effort to capture excellent quality shots. To enter into event photography, you should be position yourself in the right gear; you cannot be sluggish or lazy for this kind of job. There are times I feel for these photographers when I see them running around trying to capture the important moments without getting in the way of the guests.

I am guilty of the above, I am one of those persons in a concert who would yell at a photographer to bounce off because his head is blocking my view. Are you also in this gang with me? Well we cannot help it because the adrenaline in us at that moment is extremely high as we are also eager not to miss any tiny bit of the show or miss when our favourite artist starts to perform.

What you can do

If you are into event photography, then you should keep this few points in mind:

Be fully kitted- your tools and equipment should be readily available to you.

Get a good camera- your camera should have good lens, flash to get clear cut images when you shoot. For more information about the type of lens to go for, please consult google or a professional.

You may need an extra- depending on the size of event you are covering, you may need an extra hand to help you in also capturing shots maybe in another angle. This will prevent you from running around but help you to focus and be more precise.

Be punctual- go to the venue quite early to capture basic shots you might not have the opportunity of capturing again when guests begin to arrive. For instance in weddings, like the decorations, cake, etc.

Avoid getting in the way- yes you were contracted to capture photographs of the event but don’t make it about you, this could upset the guests. Like I complained about a photographer I told to get off my view because he was so inconsiderate and the angle he chose to take was obstructing our view at the concert.

Capture the moments- I have an article where I focused on this point, you need to capture those little moments of laughter, tears, the way the couple stare at each other and show off the sparks.

This is what I could come up with today concerning event photography.

Basics On Boudoir Photography Scotland

Boudoir photography Scotland is not the type of thing that a lot of people are used to just yet.

boudoir photography ScotlandIf you find yourself being curious about it, then you have every reason to be. It is awesome and interesting and a little scary all at the same time. If you want to try out how it feels to be in a boudoir photo shoot, then you better be ready for it. Although this is something that you are unfamiliar with, it doesn’t mean that you can’t just take a crash course and figure things out one way or the other. Try to read through the things that you would like to learn about boudoir photography Scotland and you will be able to take things in stride. You don’t have to do things all at once. You can take a step at a time and pace yourself while you are at it.

Conceal your hands as much as possible when you are posing for a boudoir photography shoot.

What most people out there don’t really realize all that much is the fact that our hands can turn out to be just as huge as our faces. This is the type of thing that could really turn out to be a bit of a distraction at some point or so and you don’t want that to turn out to be the main thing that draws people’s eyes into photos that are being taken of you during the boudoir photo shoot. This is the type of thing that you ought to try to keep under control as much as possible. You don’t want your hands to take anything away from what you are trying to communicate with the camera with the use of your eyes. You don’t want anything like that at all at the end of the day and this is why you ought to really try to get things checked out the right way when it all comes down to it. you don’t have to keep things stale by just hiding it at the back or something like that. You can be as artsy or as creative as you would like to be. Go through the boudoir photos that you can see online and try to see if you will be able to learn a thing or two from them at some point or so. You have to make sure that the hand placement is natural as much as possible or the photo will just end up looking totally off and iffy and you wouldn’t want any of that.

Go with an expert in boudoir photography Scotland that you can actually trust.

If you don’t have the right level of confidence in the photographer that you end up hiring, then this might never ever work and you have to go far beyond just that when it all comes down to it. Go with the top boudoir photographers in Scotland. If you are booking anyone in the first place, then you might as well book someone great at the niche like http://www.allureboudoirphotography.co.uk.