Top Questions to Ask a Potential Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

Lincolnshire wedding photographerGetting married is no easy feat especially if a large scale wedding is what is in the works. A lot of planning has to be done to ensure that the event is actually hitch free. The couple finds themselves under a lot of stress to ensure everything goes right on that day.

One of the major components that plays a huge role in the Wedding is the Lincolnshire wedding photographer. The wedding photographer is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that every single moment of the wedding is captured in camera for the couple’s benefit. This means the photographer will be doing a lot of running around to ensure that the couple is presented with the best pictures based on his ability.

With the type of task the photographer is charged with, it becomes important that the person hired to take up this responsibility is someone that is skilled and trustworthy. Wedding pictures are not things that can be taken lightly as they are important memories for the couple. Therefore, the couple needs to ensure that during the hiring process, they ask the right questions to enable them choose the best individual.

Some of the questions the couple should strive to ask include:

  • How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

Why is this question important? The answer the photographer gives you enables you to determine if you are dealing with a novice or an expert. However, this depends on if the photographer is truthful but there are still ways you can discover whether they are lying.

When hiring a photographer, you need someone with experience under their belt not someone who sees your wedding as an opportunity to try their skills. The experienced photographer is the one that knows the right approach to take when it comes to recording your wedding memories. He also knows how to communicate with people to ensure they cooperate on that day.

  • Is Photography Your Full Time Job?

You want to be sure of the fact that the Lincolnshire wedding photographer is someone that takes the job seriously and does not see it as a hobby or side hustle. The answer given will let you know if the photographer is someone serious and you can entrust your wedding memories to them or if you should seek someone else. It is important to note that there are a lot of part time photographers who just see it as an avenue to earn extra income. These type of people should be avoided.

  • Do you have insurance?

If an accident where to occur on the day of the wedding, who will be bearing cost of this? Photography equipment does not come cheap and you do not want to incur liability on your special day. Therefore, endeavor to ask whether the photographer has insurance for his equipment.

  • When will my pictures be ready?

There have been instances where months after the wedding the couple were yet to receive the pictures. This is a case that happens often and you do not want this happen to you. Therefore ensure that when you hire the services of a Lincolnshire wedding photographer be it you get a clear answer on when your pictures will be ready.

4 Basic Steps to Starting Event Photography

event photographyThe starting steps to become professional in event photography are always the hardest to overcome. You have to accept a lot of jobs that you don’t think will do much good for your portfolios. At the same time, you also have to make sure that you are only taking up jobs that you can handle. Because most clients don’t know much on the different specialties of event photographers.

So, here are the 4 basic things you need to do. This makes sure that you have a clear path and goal in mind, not just wildly taking up any photography jobs and end up as a photographer that is not special in anything.

1.Take up even the smallest event

Whatever it is, your first job does not have to be taking pictures in an impressive event. It can be a small house party or a relative’s birthday, but the most important thing is to make the most out of it. This is your first step towards exploring your event photography career and the pictures here will be your portfolios.

You don’t expect big events to come to you, but you make the best out of everyone who hires you.

2. Pay attention

When you are hired as a photographer, make sure that you know what the event is about. There is usually a main event in the party and sometimes, special guests. You want your clients to tell you everything you need to know about the event, so you can prepare yourself to take pictures of them.

Ask to be given an itinerary of the event if it exists. If it doesn’t, you should arrive early so you can be briefed on how the event will go on. You need to remember who the key figures are and take enough pictures of them, especially when they are involved in the event.

3. Learning from the best

It’s also a good thing to learn from professional photographers like to know what it’s like to provide a professional event photography service. Make the best out of your chances to meet them!

Having experiences in event photography will also make people trust you more. A firsthand experience is nothing like education; it makes you see what it’s actually like to be directly involved. It won’t just be your head, but your body as well that learns where to go and what to do.

4.Be bold and respectful

You want to take the best pictures, but you shouldn’t be too bold that you are disrupting the guests. For example, you shouldn’t be blocking the line of view of the important guests. Plan your movements and install your equipment from places that won’t be a nuisance. Consult with your clients on this to make sure you install them in the right place.

During the event, you need to note the places of the key figures even when it’s dark. Remember where they are and consider the fact if you should use your flash or not. Using a flash diffuser is a good thing as well, but if it’s too dark and using a flash is deemed impossible, there are times when you should wait.

Remember these 4 steps and you won’t stray far during your event photography career.

Here’s How You Can Find Your Creative Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeeEvery couple has different need and taste in photography style. This makes finding the right wedding photographer Dundee that knows what you want and is able to produce something that is to your liking hard. It takes a lot of time to think of your choice of the photographer as well as how you can narrow down your choices down to one photographer that suits your needs.

Find their portfolios

Start with finding the portfolios of the photographers available around you. Their portfolios should contain a wide variety of work from different couples and venues. It’s best if you can see a picture that may look similar to your wedding. Only if you can enjoy their past works should you consider hiring that photographer at all.

Next is to inquire them about their availability and plan when to meet the photographer for consultation. This is your chance to ask about the photographer and get to know about their personality and working method.

Ask the right questions

There are many sites out there with a long list of questions to ask. It’s good to have a list of mandatory things to ask such as experience and price. But it’s also important that you ask something related to your wedding especially. You might want the photographer to create a certain atmosphere in the pictures or maybe there are things that you want to have pictures taken a lot.

The right questions will show you the right photographer that knows what you need and can provide it to you. Your wedding photographer Dundee should be willing to answer your questions and may even have some answers on their site like Angus Forbes. They want you to save your time from asking the same questions by going through that site and make your considerations immediately.

Communicate everything

It’s important to communicate what you want from your photographer and what help your photographer needs. You need to make sure that you and your photographer help each other in making sure it’s a successful wedding party for you. Ensure that your photographer knows what to do and how you can help him, such as by sending a list of the itinerary and helping him scout the venue.

Inviting them to your wedding rehearsal is also a way to show that you care about your photographer. They get to scout the venue and practice some shots with you while getting to know your family. It helps your friends and family members to get used to your photographer. It will also be less awkward for your photographer and family member.

Let them do what they have to

Your photographer is a professional in wedding photography. That means, he knows much more than just taking pictures, for example, the obvious things that every other couple hired them for. They were trained and paid for that after all. It’s obvious that they would know those things and it’s more important to talk about the plan for the day.

If you have entrusted the job to your professional wedding photographer Dundee, make sure that you don’t burden yourself with it anymore. Let the professional do what he’s best in.

Newborn Photography Newbie Guide

newborn photographyIf this is your first time taking on a job of newborn photography, you have a lot to catch up. Your first client is most probably still pregnant and you are waiting for the due date to come. It’s pretty normal that parents usually book newborn photographers a few months ahead, so they don’t have to rush after they have the baby.

It’s a pretty narrow window of time you have once the baby is out. You have about less than 2 weeks to decide on the date for the photography. But that’s fine, nothing to worry or hurry about if you have everything planned out properly.

Let the parents know

If your client has never had a newborn photography session before, make sure to inform them of what you plan to do. For example, how photography is scheduled and how many days before and after the predicted due date is the time range. Let them know about how you work with babies and what they may need to bring and what they need to prepare for themselves and the baby.

Most parents want to be included in their newborn pictures and that’s great! Inform the parents that they should wear comfortably and neatly for the session, but nothing too fancy or shiny!

Get the set prepared

For lifestyle session, you can scout the location first before the due date and make sure you know where or how you want to shoot there. You tell the parents which room you want to use and if there are adjustments they should make to make it look better. Most importantly, you want those rooms to have enough natural light and space for you to take pictures.

For newborn photography session in studios, Sue Kennedy, a professional newborn photographer, points out the necessity to warm up the room before the session begins. Make sure the room is warm and comfortable for the baby. Then you need the props clean and arranged in the order you plan to use them. This makes the whole process smooth.

Plan what you want to do

Unlike other photography sessions, with newborn babies, you want them sleeping and staying calm throughout the session. This demands a quiet and calm environment to work in. Some photographers hush regularly while others remain focused on their job by playing a white noise on the background.

You also want to try warming up the blankets before usage so the babies are not surprised when in contact with cold surfaces. It’s best that you don’t carry the baby suddenly but begin by lifting up the head together with the baby and have someone help you switch the prop (preferably an assistant). You can also ask the parent’s help to carry the baby.

Be confident!

It’s your day to take some great portfolios. Feeling nervous is normal, but don’t let that get to you and focus on the fact that you can do well on this. If you have planned properly for the day, you don’t need to have doubts about the results of the pictures. Parents will also trust in you more if you are confident in your act.

First Job for Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioHow do you plan your first portrait session? You must be so nervous thinking about what you need to do in order to make sure that it’s a smooth session for you and your client.

Some people need to have their portraits done right away while others are okay with planning for next appointment first. If you are still a beginner, make sure to plan things with your clients so you have time to practice. Then, move on to the next step.

1. Get to know the client

Whatever you do, it’s important that you learn to establish a good relationship with your clients. Chat with them, get to know them, ask them why they need a portrait done. Most people are happy to talk about it as they know it will help the photographer know what to do. Different purposes also have different ways of taking portrait pictures.

The more you guys have talked, the easier it will be to direct them and get them used to the whole photography session. It helps reduces the tension and allow them to relax as well as smile naturally for the picture. In the end, it helps you in capturing the best portraits of your client without having to force them.

2. Get the right expression

It’s important to learn to direct your clients and help them show the expression that you want. Keep the session enjoyable where your clients that freely express themselves, making them look naturally confident. Next is to always check what kind of vibe does the client wants to look like in the picture. For example, they want to look sophisticated and smart in the picture.

We want you to check a portrait photography studio by Chris Scott Photography. There, you can see some portrait pictures of various expressions. From professional look to an enthusiastic look, the photographer nailed them all and we get a really positive vibe from the people in those pictures.

3. Give them consultation

In a portrait photography studio the business  works on both new and returning clients. However, it is hard to get clients to return without a good reason for them to. One way to do that is to help them understand why a new portrait is necessary. For people looking for a job, a portrait picture has to be renewed after at least 3 years especially if their face undergoes changes.

If it is possible, give them an incentive for coming back or referring to a friend to you. Many people complain about how portraits and headshot pictures tend to cost too much. They do not feel it’s necessary if they can take great pictures from their own phone.

4. Keep practicing

The trend to the best portrait technique is different from time to time. People in the past think that not smiling to the pictures make you look professional. But these days, we like people to look honest and confident in their pictures. It makes them look reliable. How people will think in a few years to come might be different from today.

You need to adapt to the latest changes and requests of the clients. Get the necessary equipment for your portrait photography studio for it.

What Does it Mean to Be a Documentary Wedding Photographer London?

documentary wedding photographerA photographer with documentary style is different from other photographers with different style obviously. Most people will say that documentary style photographers usually take the pictures in black and white. They also take more candid pictures than other photographers.

But aside from that all, what does it really mean to shoot in documentary style? How can you call yourself a professional documentary wedding photographer London?

To know what it means

You need to know what does it mean to become a documentary wedding photographer. The documentary style doesn’t stop at taking pictures in candid and black and white. It’s a name derived from how journalists usually take pictures of various events. A documentary of something contains pictures of the what happened as well as the people involved.

Most photographers of the first generation reverted to wedding photography after the world war ended. And that is how the documentary style was brought into wedding photography and also is the oldest style available.

These days, it isn’t enough to just document but to also be aesthetic in doing so. You have to plan the day thoroughly to capture those moments from the right angle. It doesn’t have to look extremely gorgeous, but you have to be able to capture the sentiment as well as the precious moments in all its originality. That’s the essence of documentary wedding photography.

Learn from others

Simply having it spelled and described in words isn’t enough, so we suggest that you give a professional documentary wedding photographer London a visit. Someone we can highly suggest is Owen Bill from These are great examples of documentary styled wedding pictures.

They do not necessarily focus on visual quality or perfection of each aspect of the pictures. But seeing the context of the pictures taken can really touch your heart and it becomes a very special moment to the couple that receives these pictures. That’s the quality that this photographer managed to achieve and it cannot be easily done by others.

Learning from others, however, is not the same as using the same style on your pictures. It does not mean you follow their pose an idea. Instead, you look at your pictures and see if you are able to deliver something similar to what a pro can.

Practice regularly

After you understand what it is and know what kind of pictures that you want to see, practice those shots. The easiest way now would be to try them on random strangers and in a friend’s wedding. When you attend those weddings, you can ask your friend’s permission to become his photographer for free (and learn from the professional he might still be hiring!).

You can also bring your own camera to a wedding that you are not really close with and take some pictures while you enjoy the day. When you get home, edit those pictures to make them look professional and send them to the couple for their opinions. They might something to say and observers tend to have a more objective view than you!

It’s not something that can be achieved easily. To become a professional documentary wedding photographer London means walking down a long road towards it.

Who Owns the Wedding Photos?

Lincolnshire wedding photographerWhat a simple question! As a client, by paying the photographer as the agreement states, you should automatically have full rights to your photographs yes? And should you choose, to use them anyhow you want yes?

Well, you are missing one tiny important detail. The photographer took the photos, and those pictures are what he will display in his portfolio to attract other customers. If you are not able to see shots of other people’s weddings, of course you wouldn’t have hired him or her in the very first place.

Being a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you are constantly faced with questions like these: who actually owns the photographs? Who owns the copyrights to those beautiful and amazing shots?

My Work, My Life

When someone creates a piece of work, say, a piece of music or in this case, wedding photographs, they own the copyrights to that work. Under the UK Copyright Service Fact-Sheet, “the photographer owns the copyright on any pictures he or she has taken”. There are two exceptions however:

  1. If the photographer works as an employee in a company and has been instructed to take the photographs, the company (or studio in this case) owns the photographs.
  2. If there is an agreement that gives another person or party the copyright.

Copyrights are highly important to photographers because they are put in place to protect their work and intellectual property so they don’t get stolen for any reason. Many times, your photographer will use those pictures alongside their logo on them. Whether they use the logo or not, they have absolute control over how the pictures should be used.

A good look at professional Lincolnshire wedding photographer Sharon’s portfolio at will give you a good understanding of how photographers need to protect their work.


Well, not necessarily. The pictures are your wedding pictures and it just right if you intend to put them up on your social media sites and rake in some “awws” and likes.

But to make use of the pictures, you have to seek permission from the photographer or better still the copyright owner. You should know too, that the copyright owner can decline your request. These are part of the things you discuss during an interview with your photographer; this is where a contract comes in.

You are paying for a service and you are to sign a contract. So, you have the right to negotiate the contract.

You should be aware that copyright laws are simply by default. Your wedding photographer can sell the copyright to the pictures to you. This is done when both parties reach an agreement.

Generally, the licensing or copyright sections of contract will make you understand if:

  1. The photographer will or can sell (or give under certain conditions) the copyright to you, granting you the rights to use the images as you wish.
  2. If he or she can or will give you limited access to use the images, so that you can reproduce for your own personal use but not sell or publish.
  3. If he or she does not intend to give you rights to the photographs without express permission.

Many photographers include the options for albums in their packages, ensuring that they do the printing themselves. You get to choose the pictures you want in the albums of course.

If you do intend to print other copies, you contact them first.

It is rare to find photographers who in any case would not include at least an option for you to buy the copyrights or use them. As a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you have to be flexible. Regardless, copyright issues are subject to negotiation and agreement. So, ensure that you and your photographer fully understand the agreement. Always.

Creating a Successful Team of Photography

There are photographers who work alone and then there are those who find two is better than one.

The latter, though, can only be true if the wedding photographers Portsmouth work together well and can show how having an extra man can bring additional value to the pictures. It is especially hard to get two people who are not family members to work well with each other and coordinate things.


It is important for the two of you to understand teamwork and build that between the two of you. There has to be a seamless mean to communicate between the two of you and honesty. Two photographers will never be able to bring added value to each other if you refuse to explain your point of view and find a similar point among you.

Teamwork is easy to say, but hard to find and even harder to maintain. Both of you have to complement each other in terms of working and also in personal life. You cannot work with someone you dislike having around nor can you work with someone that tends to deviate from his responsibilities.

Understand each other

No one is perfect and we make mistakes from time to time. It could be personal or business related, but maintaining a good teamwork means you have to forgive things from time to time. Sometimes your partner is late for important reasons. Just make sure that your partner shows respect to the job and has good enough reason for those mistakes.

Other times, you have to deal with each other’s behavior that you don’t find acceptable. We cannot like everyone, nor can everyone like us, but be sure that before you settle on the partnership, you know the kind of person you are working with.

Inspiration time

You can also learn to find inspiration for each other. Wedding photographers Portsmouth can try looking up and see how this photographer alone can excel so well. This can help build each other’s spirit and share how both of you view things. In a team of more than two people, regularly sharing your opinions on wedding photography trends may also bring the conversation in an interesting direction.

Show them to clients

Clients who consider hiring two photographers are also worried about having photographers who are not professional. They also don’t like the idea that the second shooter is usually the lesser or not-so-experienced person. It’s okay if you are actually bringing an assistant to help you with several things, but it is not wise to call your assistant a second shooter at the same level as you. It will give your client the wrong idea.

But if you second shooter is a professional photographer as well, show the client why both of you are a good match. You can show pictures that are composed of works by both of you and how they complement each other. It’s the best way to tell your client that using two of you is a great choice to gain a full coverage of their wedding without missing a thing.

Building a teamwork, maintaining it and showing that to your clients as wedding photographers Portsmouth is typically most possible between two people with similar interest and taste. But even when you are not, it is still a possible feat.

How to Succeed on Your First Day as A Wedding Photographer?

San Francisco wedding photographerFirst day at work? Most people are nervous about their first day working, not knowing what to expect. Although they might have prepared themselves, they might still be nervous about it. As a San Francisco wedding photographer, however, you are probably nervous about a lot of things.

You’re responsible for everything regarding the wedding pictures of your clients. That’s huge; your clients ultimately don’t want to be disappointed even in the least because you have no other ways to fix your mistakes. The best step to take is to prevent any from happening.

Be extra careful

On your first job, always be that person that is extra careful about everything else. Being effective and efficient is important but making mistakes on your first job is even more dangerous than anything else. If anything, that’s going to be a very strong impression on you. Your first client can only tell others that you did something and that’s the only thing that will go around about you.

Get extra equipment

If you’re still not sure about getting an extra camera, that’s okay. The camera that you have right now, I’d like to assume that it’s quite new and has little chance of going error. However, you can stock up more on batteries, memory cards, and lenses. Use both zoom and prime lenses because they will both play their own role in the party.

Know what you will take

In photography, improvisation and on-the-spot ideas are often the ones that appear best. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare some poses ahead of time. A San Francisco wedding photographer is best to get some inspiration from pros like This strictly does not mean you should copy them. Inspiration can be from anywhere, but this way you can see what usually works for the certain type of venues and couples.

Plan them and discuss them with your clients. If you can attend their rehearsal, it would be so much better. Ask them to test shoot several poses you have in mind that you’re not sure about. Once you get the results, you can assess whether you can keep it or just change it.

Arrive earlier

Arriving early will give you a head start to prepare and rehearse one more time. You can take a quick tour around the venue or have a quick chat with the couple regarding what you guys will doing on that day. You can also take some pictures before the ceremony starts to save time and give them more pictures.

You can also review the itinerary and think about how to shoot and where you should stand when this or that happens. Discuss with the officiant about whether you’re allowed to take pictures during the ceremony and if it’s a no, talk with your clients about what you should do about it.

Get an insurance!

If you haven’t gotten a full insurance, look up for a one-day insurance. It usually provides the basic protection for a San Francisco wedding photographer for a whole day. You will need this to make sure that not any kind of problems, especially when you’re still a beginner, will pose a threat to your job.

Not Taking Wedding Pictures Will Be Your Biggest Regret

wedding photographers WaterfordAs a couple that is planning the best wedding and also a big journey ahead, making sure that you’re not wasting your money on unnecessary things is important. Some people come to the thought that hiring a professional wedding photographer is useless. Most wedding photographers Waterford charge an unreasonable price for taking pictures, right?

Well, it’s time that you don’t think lowly of having a professional do the job. We don’t want to see you regret this after your wedding and while you can still change your mind, we’ll heavily encourage you to do so.

It stays for a long time

Sure, there are people who’ve been married for tens of years and never had the chance to take their wedding pictures. It’s not like a bunch of papers with your wedding memories can determine how your life is going to be like. But it’s definitely something that you’d wished you had because we love looking back at happy times.

Why do people like to rewatch their favorite movies? Why is it necessary to put that one song on replay for an hour? For all the things that we love, we always want to be able to have access to it to look back again when we want to. Isn’t the day when you pledged your love to your partner now one of those things that you’d love to look back again?

Professionalism required

Taking wedding pictures isn’t as simple as you think it is. It requires more professionalism and focus. Anyone with a camera or a smartphone can take decent pictures, but the job description of a photographer isn’t as simple as that. Take a look at Not all wedding photographers Waterford can take pictures like them.

They have to be able to capture a meaningful picture. It can be something that is extremely dazzling or pictures that bear stories and meaning behind them. Each photographer is different in how they look and capture things, but professional conduct can be said similar from one to another.

It’s called investment

What’s more is that paying for wedding pictures isn’t a waste of money at all. You’re investing in something very precious and important for your family. Your future generations would very much love to see the faces of their parents and grandparents when they got married. It was interesting when our grandmother showed us some really old pictures of their days as if we traveled back in time.

The preparation for your wedding day isn’t easy either. You’ve spent lots of money and effort in making sure it’s going to be a great day, but just imagine not having professional wedding photographers Waterford to take proper and good pictures of that day!

The value of such historical pictures can only go up. The older you get, the more precious are the things that happened in the past. You can’t bring that happy day back, but after 50 years of walking down the road together with your loved one, it’s only right to sit for a while and reminisce the day when both of you vowed to live this life together.

What Does Your Wedding Need?

wedding photographers SurreyWhat do you most need for your wedding photography package? In order to appeal to the market, wedding photographers Surrey are racing with each other in becoming better and different. Because many clients don’t actually have the necessary knowledge to determine the skills of photographers, they have to do something else.

Nowadays, you’ll see them including things like a slideshow session, additional hours and mini albums for parents aside from the main photography package you get. But for many people, those additional features aren’t always useful.

Photographers and hours of coverage

A single photographer can do a lot, but two photographers are always better. As useless as you might think that is, a second shooter can always add up value to your wedding pictures. What’s really important here is how you perceive that value.

Most of the time, the role of the second shooter is to fill in the holes that the main photographer can’t reach. It might be during the formal group pictures session where the lead photographer has to spend an hour on or when the venue is quite big for a single person to take pictures of. The two choices you can get is: have a full-day single shooter or two shooters for 4-5 hours of the day.

If your priority is documentation, then the first choice is better. If you want really a lot of pictures on an event that you deem important (reception or ceremony), the latter would be a better choice.

Album(s), books, or online gallery

Wedding photographers Surrey, like, provide all kind of services for end products of their wedding photography package.

With the help of the Internet, nowadays, it isn’t complicated to get all of your images through an online gallery. Professional photographers set up a website that includes a ‘customer gallery’ where you can log in and find all your pictures there. You can share the login information to family members to enjoy.

It makes the consideration to print or not even harder to make. Wedding albums and books used to bear a lot of meaning to wedding parties; you don’t exactly have other choices to keep those memories for a long time. But now, it’s very simple that the thought is very tempting. However, do remember that the meaning of an album does not dissipate just because you can access your pictures online.

The chances of you going to the website to look at those pictures when you feel nostalgic are small. You can touch the pictures and somehow you feel like you can’t feel the picture.

Slideshow session, additional hours

There are added ‘bonus’ that many photographers include in the packages especially the ones that cost more than $1,000. However, they aren’t really necessary for you. While they sure are nice bonuses to have, you don’t exactly need the pictures to your Bridal Shower if you’ll be taking another girl’s squad picture during your wedding.

The same goes for the rest. Some even bundle wedding photography package with engagement photography session. Engagement photography sure is a nice session to keep some memories of the feelings that you had when you were proposed to/propose. However, it looks like a normal couple shoot in nice places.

You can always negotiate with your wedding photographers Surrey about the features that you want to be removed.

Gorgeous Wild Wedding Flowers Formula

wild wedding flowersSpring is coming. That means blooming flowers and beautiful range of colors to mix and match of wild wedding flowers for wedding bouquets! Florists love this season so much because it gives them a lot of choices to play within letting their creativity come true.

That is also a good thing for you! If you’re planning to get married on Spring, rejoice as you will have so many choices to start with! Come and take a look at some of the best flowers you should use for your wedding bouquets and buttonholes!


The centerpiece is that one flower that takes the center of the stage. The look will make people stare at the beauty of the big piece of flower and the rest of the flowers that just add up to complete the masterpiece. Centerpiece tends to be a giant flower that really stands alone. The typical choice that florists love to use is ranunculus, magnolia, and peonies.

These flowers can be powerful along and you have to find other flowers that will fit their size. If you don’t want to risk it, find centerpieces with mild colors. That’ll be easier to mix and will also make you appear milder and softer.


Buttonholes will be worn by the guys and most of the time, they stand against the dark formal suit. That means you have to find flowers that fit in with your theme but will also stand out and appear luxurious to the guys that wear it.

We’ve come across a lot of ideas. Many of them look cute, yes, but we don’t know if your brothers will appreciate them (and the groomsmen!). If you like mild colors, baby’s breath looks nice enough. Just remember not to use too many because they smell! Quote to this amazing florist on wild wedding flowers,

It’s always better to cut the stem short enough and have the flowers bend over so people can look at the bloom. If that’s hard, you want to cut all the stems and only use the bloom by putting a pin under it. On the other hand, small flowers like baby’s breath can be combined with small leafage to be pinned on the suit. Just remember to not make it too big.

Wedding bouquets shapes and ideas

In the olden days, we used to make wedding bouquets that are ‘neat’. Meaning, the colors have to conform to each other (white with white) and long stems and branches have to be cut off. Well, that’s the olden days.

These days, the most beautiful looking bouquet looks ‘unattended’ to. Meaning they emit the sense of wild wedding flowers as if they were plucked fresh from the field. Which they most probably are. This preserves the natural beauty they bear. With that in mind, it’s okay to create a wild looking bouquet, but also pay attention to the stem and how you will hold to the bouquet later on.

The recent trend is also to use daring colors, such as magenta and dark red (like roses) against plain colors like white. It enhances the beauty of those dark colors and purity of the plain colors.

Rain Photography: Get Wet, Get Playful!

rain photographyRain, the biggest horror of Melbourne wedding photography session. The beautiful view, the clear sky, all gone. It’s seemingly impossible to do anything in this weather, with the bride in her wedding dress and trying to keep it dry.

Well, well, if that’s how you feel, then it’s probably time to change that mindset! Rain is just another chance to hit it right! It gives a ton of ideas to try and use to capture unique images for your couple.

Shoot from indoor

There’s a difference between shooting indoor and shooting outside from indoor. Make sure to get a view of the outside from a window or a door from the inside. Rain gives off a romantic feel to this, as well as warmth when the couple is hugging or cuddling. It falls to how people percept the picture, not how the actual feel is on the set.

You can also save your time to shoot everything indoor first while you wait for the rain to cool down.

Step outside!

That’s right, step outside. Rain is not going to kill you. Have you forgotten how much your mother ranted because you went outside to play in the rain? Such playful mood is achievable with rain, especially on venues with beautiful, green backdrop and a bright weather. Just two kids racing with each other under the rain.

Or maybe you can kick it up a notch? There’s a small peck, a hot kiss, and a hot kiss under the rain. If the bride gets to choose, under the rain will probably something that heats her cheeks up. So, go for it!

On the other hand, for a more casual romantic style, you can get the groom to open his suit and cover the bride with it. Have them stand under a tree to keep less rain out of them both.

Use umbrellas

It’s always a wise thing to do to keep an umbrella before the rain comes. In the case of doing a Melbourne wedding photography session, keep a lot of umbrellas.

You should always have different types of umbrellas that do well with wedding themes, in your car. Keep the dust out of them, mind you. You never know when it will rain and when the theme is going to fit in with the umbrella’s colour.

Also important to remember that you can still shoot several pictures as usual: the little walk across the garden, the staring into each other moment, all while the both or one of them carrying the umbrella.

Play with light

If it’s especially dark, make use of flash and lighting kit to light the necessary parts of the subject and the background. Sometimes, you can leave the background completely dark and highlight on both of the couples. Other times, you can use more lighting kit to spread the light and make at least important feature of the background, like the tree or the décor to remain visible.

Black and white

The grayscale effect becomes very useful in this situation. To create that timeless moment under the rain, make use of black and white effect on pictures that focuses only on the couple with no much revelation of the background. This allows people to focus on only the subject and not be bothered by how many things are in the background.

Wedding Shots in Surrey

Surrey wedding photographerDeciding on your favorite place or spot to take your wedding pictures might have a meaning. It could be a place where you first met, where you had your first date, first kiss, your confession; it could be anything. Or simply because it is a beautiful place that you both admire.

You see, there’s not a fixed place in taking wedding shots in a certain city;  Many wedding photographers Surrey are based in different areas with different background and varied perspectives. But, for many people who might not be experienced in the world of photography wants to know where are the famous spots for taking amazing pictures for starters.

Understand Surrey

This county is just beside London and is pretty metropolitan in the urban site. Many couples have their Surrey wedding photographer take their shots here, as it is where they spend most of their time together. But, do not be fooled; this county has the largest coverage of woodlands in UK, meaning its natural sight is also unmatched. If you are located in Surrey, you have endless choices of places to make here.


Its untouched, wide natural habitats let couple to take amazing pictures in various beauty spots. For example, the Newlands Corner is a picnic site with little to no humans’ intervention. Its view to the Surrey Hills are unparalleled and even the most amateur photographers can take beautiful pictures here. It is a beautiful place to take your wedding pictures and you can also bring your pet here if you want!

Another is the Crooksbury Commons woodland reserve that looks like a savannah field extending with exotic trees scattered around. The flatland allows you to take a picture with vast background or if you prefer forests, many spots with trees growing densely will look exotic with its natural light coming through the foliage. A couple of nature lovers might just love to take pictures in this challenging place. You might need to ready yourself and if possible, make a visit to this place beforehand to find spots and angles that you like.

The City

Here, well, there is not an exact place that you should take your pictures at. It could be that café you had your first kiss at. You can pose exactly like how you did back then. Or maybe at your new residence that you will be living together at if you have. Or maybe at that road under that particular lamp where he proposed you the first time; there are many places to start your pictures at. Start from those familiar places.

You can also ask for wedding photographers Surrey suggestions and advice. Or maybe look through his or her albums or portfolios of wedding photos taken in Surrey and maybe you’ll come across something that you like. Discuss to him about possible places you want your pictures taken and if you want one particular place to be included no matter what, remind him to prioritize that place first. Check the weather forecast for that place on that day, will it be what you just need or maybe you should adjust your schedule?

How To Avoid Wedding Planning No-No’s

Going over the budget.

Bristol wedding photographersMake one and stick to it. Without any sort of budget that will hold your wedding plans together at some point or so, you don’t really have much to run with in the first place so make sure that you set out the necessary plans and arrangements with your partner about how much you will be allotting and spending out for the wedding plans and services before you even get started. It is crucial that you are both on board with everything that is about to go down for the wedding given that this is commonly something that both you will have to pay for one way or the other. Another thing worth knowing is the reality that professionals like the Bristol wedding photographers you are planning to book for the wedding day will most certainly not come cheap at any point in time. Going over the budget can knock your plans over and can possibly stop you from going ahead and making the most out of the money that you have set aside for the wedding. Come up with one and stick to it no matter what happens.

Wedding date changes.

Being fickle minded will not help you one bit as a bride. Before you establish any decisions such as something as important as the main wedding date, make sure that you have already taken into consideration what the possible affecting factors might turn out to be from the season or time of the year, to the availability of professionals like Bristol wedding photographers, to the venues that will still allow you to book them, and so on and so forth. The suppliers and vendors that you will be hiring out are bound to have tight schedules of their own and you might come off as a bit of a nuisance client if you keep changing the dates all of the time. Also take note of the fact that this means extra expenses on your end in terms of reprinting the invitations and sending out erratums. It will open up a large can of worms that you can definitely do away with if you stick to the plan. If some people can’t make it, then they can’t make it. Don’t structure your wedding plans around them especially if they have already been established or set on stone.

Rushing through the venue selection.

Take the time to really take these site tours seriously and to really look into what available locations you have on hand so far. You need to know for sure that you are taking this in stride and that you don’t rush ahead and book the first venue that you happen to chance upon. The regret will be really difficult to live with and more than that, the fact that most of the down payments are non-refundable will turn out to be an even bigger blow that you ought to try to go ahead and live without as much as you possibly can.

No plan B for outdoor weddings.

Outdoor weddings are tricky and temperamental and you need to be prepared in the event of rain even if the weatherman says otherwise. You won’t really know what hit you until the first few drops start falling so you might as well come prepared as much as possible.