First Job for Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioHow do you plan your first portrait session? You must be so nervous thinking about what you need to do in order to make sure that it’s a smooth session for you and your client.

Some people need to have their portraits done right away while others are okay with planning for next appointment first. If you are still a beginner, make sure to plan things with your clients so you have time to practice. Then, move on to the next step.

1. Get to know the client

Whatever you do, it’s important that you learn to establish a good relationship with your clients. Chat with them, get to know them, ask them why they need a portrait done. Most people are happy to talk about it as they know it will help the photographer know what to do. Different purposes also have different ways of taking portrait pictures.

The more you guys have talked, the easier it will be to direct them and get them used to the whole photography session. It helps reduces the tension and allow them to relax as well as smile naturally for the picture. In the end, it helps you in capturing the best portraits of your client without having to force them.

2. Get the right expression

It’s important to learn to direct your clients and help them show the expression that you want. Keep the session enjoyable where your clients that freely express themselves, making them look naturally confident. Next is to always check what kind of vibe does the client wants to look like in the picture. For example, they want to look sophisticated and smart in the picture.

We want you to check a portrait photography studio by Chris Scott Photography. There, you can see some portrait pictures of various expressions. From professional look to an enthusiastic look, the photographer nailed them all and we get a really positive vibe from the people in those pictures.

3. Give them consultation

In a portrait photography studio the business  works on both new and returning clients. However, it is hard to get clients to return without a good reason for them to. One way to do that is to help them understand why a new portrait is necessary. For people looking for a job, a portrait picture has to be renewed after at least 3 years especially if their face undergoes changes.

If it is possible, give them an incentive for coming back or referring to a friend to you. Many people complain about how portraits and headshot pictures tend to cost too much. They do not feel it’s necessary if they can take great pictures from their own phone.

4. Keep practicing

The trend to the best portrait technique is different from time to time. People in the past think that not smiling to the pictures make you look professional. But these days, we like people to look honest and confident in their pictures. It makes them look reliable. How people will think in a few years to come might be different from today.

You need to adapt to the latest changes and requests of the clients. Get the necessary equipment for your portrait photography studio for it.

What Does it Mean to Be a Documentary Wedding Photographer London?

documentary wedding photographerA photographer with documentary style is different from other photographers with different style obviously. Most people will say that documentary style photographers usually take the pictures in black and white. They also take more candid pictures than other photographers.

But aside from that all, what does it really mean to shoot in documentary style? How can you call yourself a professional documentary wedding photographer London?

To know what it means

You need to know what does it mean to become a documentary wedding photographer. The documentary style doesn’t stop at taking pictures in candid and black and white. It’s a name derived from how journalists usually take pictures of various events. A documentary of something contains pictures of the what happened as well as the people involved.

Most photographers of the first generation reverted to wedding photography after the world war ended. And that is how the documentary style was brought into wedding photography and also is the oldest style available.

These days, it isn’t enough to just document but to also be aesthetic in doing so. You have to plan the day thoroughly to capture those moments from the right angle. It doesn’t have to look extremely gorgeous, but you have to be able to capture the sentiment as well as the precious moments in all its originality. That’s the essence of documentary wedding photography.

Learn from others

Simply having it spelled and described in words isn’t enough, so we suggest that you give a professional documentary wedding photographer London a visit. Someone we can highly suggest is Owen Bill from These are great examples of documentary styled wedding pictures.

They do not necessarily focus on visual quality or perfection of each aspect of the pictures. But seeing the context of the pictures taken can really touch your heart and it becomes a very special moment to the couple that receives these pictures. That’s the quality that this photographer managed to achieve and it cannot be easily done by others.

Learning from others, however, is not the same as using the same style on your pictures. It does not mean you follow their pose an idea. Instead, you look at your pictures and see if you are able to deliver something similar to what a pro can.

Practice regularly

After you understand what it is and know what kind of pictures that you want to see, practice those shots. The easiest way now would be to try them on random strangers and in a friend’s wedding. When you attend those weddings, you can ask your friend’s permission to become his photographer for free (and learn from the professional he might still be hiring!).

You can also bring your own camera to a wedding that you are not really close with and take some pictures while you enjoy the day. When you get home, edit those pictures to make them look professional and send them to the couple for their opinions. They might something to say and observers tend to have a more objective view than you!

It’s not something that can be achieved easily. To become a professional documentary wedding photographer London means walking down a long road towards it.