Who Owns the Wedding Photos?

Lincolnshire wedding photographerWhat a simple question! As a client, by paying the photographer as the agreement states, you should automatically have full rights to your photographs yes? And should you choose, to use them anyhow you want yes?

Well, you are missing one tiny important detail. The photographer took the photos, and those pictures are what he will display in his portfolio to attract other customers. If you are not able to see shots of other people’s weddings, of course you wouldn’t have hired him or her in the very first place.

Being a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you are constantly faced with questions like these: who actually owns the photographs? Who owns the copyrights to those beautiful and amazing shots?

My Work, My Life

When someone creates a piece of work, say, a piece of music or in this case, wedding photographs, they own the copyrights to that work. Under the UK Copyright Service Fact-Sheet, “the photographer owns the copyright on any pictures he or she has taken”. There are two exceptions however:

  1. If the photographer works as an employee in a company and has been instructed to take the photographs, the company (or studio in this case) owns the photographs.
  2. If there is an agreement that gives another person or party the copyright.

Copyrights are highly important to photographers because they are put in place to protect their work and intellectual property so they don’t get stolen for any reason. Many times, your photographer will use those pictures alongside their logo on them. Whether they use the logo or not, they have absolute control over how the pictures should be used.

A good look at professional Lincolnshire wedding photographer Sharon’s portfolio at http://www.symplyphotography.co.uk/ will give you a good understanding of how photographers need to protect their work.


Well, not necessarily. The pictures are your wedding pictures and it just right if you intend to put them up on your social media sites and rake in some “awws” and likes.

But to make use of the pictures, you have to seek permission from the photographer or better still the copyright owner. You should know too, that the copyright owner can decline your request. These are part of the things you discuss during an interview with your photographer; this is where a contract comes in.

You are paying for a service and you are to sign a contract. So, you have the right to negotiate the contract.

You should be aware that copyright laws are simply by default. Your wedding photographer can sell the copyright to the pictures to you. This is done when both parties reach an agreement.

Generally, the licensing or copyright sections of contract will make you understand if:

  1. The photographer will or can sell (or give under certain conditions) the copyright to you, granting you the rights to use the images as you wish.
  2. If he or she can or will give you limited access to use the images, so that you can reproduce for your own personal use but not sell or publish.
  3. If he or she does not intend to give you rights to the photographs without express permission.

Many photographers include the options for albums in their packages, ensuring that they do the printing themselves. You get to choose the pictures you want in the albums of course.

If you do intend to print other copies, you contact them first.

It is rare to find photographers who in any case would not include at least an option for you to buy the copyrights or use them. As a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you have to be flexible. Regardless, copyright issues are subject to negotiation and agreement. So, ensure that you and your photographer fully understand the agreement. Always.

Creating a Successful Team of Photography

There are photographers who work alone and then there are those who find two is better than one.

The latter, though, can only be true if the wedding photographers Portsmouth work together well and can show how having an extra man can bring additional value to the pictures. It is especially hard to get two people who are not family members to work well with each other and coordinate things.


It is important for the two of you to understand teamwork and build that between the two of you. There has to be a seamless mean to communicate between the two of you and honesty. Two photographers will never be able to bring added value to each other if you refuse to explain your point of view and find a similar point among you.

Teamwork is easy to say, but hard to find and even harder to maintain. Both of you have to complement each other in terms of working and also in personal life. You cannot work with someone you dislike having around nor can you work with someone that tends to deviate from his responsibilities.

Understand each other

No one is perfect and we make mistakes from time to time. It could be personal or business related, but maintaining a good teamwork means you have to forgive things from time to time. Sometimes your partner is late for important reasons. Just make sure that your partner shows respect to the job and has good enough reason for those mistakes.

Other times, you have to deal with each other’s behavior that you don’t find acceptable. We cannot like everyone, nor can everyone like us, but be sure that before you settle on the partnership, you know the kind of person you are working with.

Inspiration time

You can also learn to find inspiration for each other. Wedding photographers Portsmouth can try looking up jameswhitephotos.com and see how this photographer alone can excel so well. This can help build each other’s spirit and share how both of you view things. In a team of more than two people, regularly sharing your opinions on wedding photography trends may also bring the conversation in an interesting direction.

Show them to clients

Clients who consider hiring two photographers are also worried about having photographers who are not professional. They also don’t like the idea that the second shooter is usually the lesser or not-so-experienced person. It’s okay if you are actually bringing an assistant to help you with several things, but it is not wise to call your assistant a second shooter at the same level as you. It will give your client the wrong idea.

But if you second shooter is a professional photographer as well, show the client why both of you are a good match. You can show pictures that are composed of works by both of you and how they complement each other. It’s the best way to tell your client that using two of you is a great choice to gain a full coverage of their wedding without missing a thing.

Building a teamwork, maintaining it and showing that to your clients as wedding photographers Portsmouth is typically most possible between two people with similar interest and taste. But even when you are not, it is still a possible feat.